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Did someone say cheese? Yes, please! We created a retail toolkit to share the delicious flavors and versatility of U.S. cheeses with consumers around the world.

The world is falling head over heels for cheese!

The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) is a non-profit, independent membership organization that represents the global trade interests of U.S. dairy farmers, producers, processors, suppliers, and export traders. Think USA Dairy is USDEC’s international, customer-facing arm, dedicated to promoting U.S. dairy to consumers and business partners.

The world is falling head over heels for cheese!

USDEC sought to provide overseas retailers with a Think USA Dairy toolkit to help them promote and sell U.S. cheeses to consumers. It was important for the materials to be branded to the USA, to stand out among other products, and to quickly convey the benefits of cheese in markets where it is not part of the typical cuisine and is often perceived as unhealthy and limited to processed American cheese slices.

The world is falling head over heels for cheese!

Novak Birch created a retail toolkit that introduces consumers around the world to the flavors, value, and versatility of U.S. cheese. The toolkit includes a suite of scalable, ready-to-use, point-of-purchase signs and promotional elements that share the benefits of U.S. cheese. We designed, wrote, and produced pairing cards, recipe cards, product seals, overhead signs, floor stickers, case dividers, cooler clings, shopping cart signs, product sampling displays, and more.

The toolkit design uses sketched line illustrations and authentic textures to convey U.S. cheese as a handcrafted, wholesome food. Building on Think USA Dairy’s color system, we used a friendly navy and bright blue palette to appeal to shoppers and invite them to expand their culinary repertoire. We paired this consumer-friendly design with engaging copy that succinctly communicates the many benefits of U.S. cheese, encouraging consumers to explore new tastes and recipes. We produced print-ready files in multiple languages, including English and Vietnamese, and provided source files so individual markets can print on-demand and translate as necessary.

The retail toolkit was successfully launched in four grocery stores throughout Vietnam, where customers were excited to sample and learn about U.S. cheeses.

The world is falling head over heels for cheese!

Due to the campaign’s success, USDEC expanded the program, launching it in Hong Kong and Mexico. Next, it will launch in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

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