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We created a video-centric Careers website to help Choice Hotels attract prospective employees across the country.

We took a “show, don’t tell” approach to help Choice Hotels recruit top talent.

Choice Hotels is one of the largest and most successful lodging companies in the world, with more than 6,400 hotels franchised in more than 40 countries and territories.

We took a “show, don’t tell” approach to help Choice Hotels recruit top talent.

Choice sought to attract and retain high-quality, diverse applicants to fill their workforce needs in all locations: Rockville (worldwide headquarters), Phoenix (technology headquarters), and the field (property support and franchisee sales). The Careers website, Choice’s primary recruitment tool, was content-heavy and didn’t convey Choice’s value proposition. In addition, it was not optimized for mobile, and it was difficult for site administrators to update.

Choice tasked Novak Birch with redesigning and rewriting the Careers website to appeal to prospective employees. Goals included:

  • Attract high-quality applicants at all levels of the organization, specifically focusing on the technology field.
  • Enhance and evolve the Choice brand to strengthen their reputation as the preferred employer in the fiercely competitive hotel industry and the Phoenix technology sector.
  • Update the site’s look-and-feel and improve ease of use for site administrators.

We took a “show, don’t tell” approach to help Choice Hotels recruit top talent.

To attract quality applicants and help Choice stand out from competitors, Novak Birch wrote, designed, and developed a responsive, user-friendly Careers website that communicates the benefits of working at Choice, positions them as a tech-forward company, and encourages site visitors to search career openings.

Throughout the site, employee-centric content, photography, and videos convey Choice’s key differentiators, including its appealing company culture, benefits package, desirable locations, diversity programs, corporate social responsibility initiatives, global impact, and innovative work.

Our solution included:

  • Informative Content: We crafted friendly, benefits-driven site content that enables visitors to easily find information and incorporates clear calls to action to search career openings and apply.
  • Clean, Responsive Design: We transformed a dark, outdated site to a modern site that reflects Choice’s vibrant brand, while adhering to their brand guidelines and complementing their consumer site. The site is more career-driven than many of Choice’s competitors, focusing on benefits to targeted applicants and making it easy for them to find jobs that interest them.
  • Videos: We included several videos on the site to “show, not tell” Choice’s culture and benefits. The home page welcomes site visitors with a video featuring their company culture—helping potential applicants see themselves working at Choice—and a prominent call-to-action inviting them to search career openings. The Locations page features 360-degree videos of their beautiful corporate headquarters in Rockville and innovative tech center in Phoenix. The People page includes relatable videos of employees across various departments and levels of the organization sharing what it’s like to work at Choice.
  • Intuitive Navigation & Functionality: The site makes it easy for site visitors to search for information however they want, including searches according to:
    • Who they are (corporate professionals, tech talent, interns, recent graduates, etc.)
    • Where they are (DC metro area, Phoenix, or field)
    • What career path they are interested in (analytics, legal, accounting, sales, etc.)
  • User-Friendly CMS: It’s easy for site administrators to update and maintain site content.
  • Timeline: The History of Innovation page features an animated timeline with pop-up milestones that demonstrate Choice’s impact as well as their history of and commitment to innovation.

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