Environmental Branding

Create Inspiring, Branded Environments

Environmental design has the power to not only to weave your brand into the look-and-feel of a space but also to engage people and create a memorable experience.

At Novak Birch, we thrive on transforming physical environments into memorable experiences. Our in-house team of designers, writers, craftsmen, and installers are experts in the industry, conceiving and delivering eye-catching permanent displays, dimensional feature walls, branded office interiors, interior/exterior signage, wayfinding signage, and more.

Inspire Visitors & Staff with a Memorable Office Space

Thinking about updating your office space? We’ve worked with clients on a wide variety of office design and fabrication projects, ranging from a milestone wall or awards display to a 100,000-square-foot building rebrand. No matter the size, we’ll deliver an inspiring, cohesive space that shares your story while welcoming staff and visitors alike.

First, we’ll develop a visual theme and color palette that unifies your space and adds personality, connecting your brand and culture with your physical space. Then, we’ll get to work turning the design into reality. Our in-house carpentry and metal workshop offers fabrication, building, and installation services as well as high-end finishes and materials, to deliver custom-crafted solutions that help you stand out.

From interiors to exteriors (and the wayfinding in between), we create thoughtful, cohesive environments that welcome and inspire visitors and staff, leaving a memorable impression.

Add High-End, Custom Elements

Already working with a contractor? No problem—we play well with others! We’ve worked with some of the most reputable architects, general contractors, and construction firms in the region to fabricate unique, high-end environments. We can bridge the gap between contractors and architects with custom-fabricated components, high-quality finishes, and materials that make your space stand out.

  • Environmental/Permanent Displays & Installations
  • Interior & Exterior Signage
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Interior Design
  • Office Branding
Are you ready to transform your environment into an experience?

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