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There’s more than one whey to market U.S. dairy, so Novak Birch stepped in to help Think USA Dairy unite their many member booths with a legen-dairy suite of signage and design for dozens of trade shows, conferences, and seminars across the globe.

We’re sharing the benefits and varieties of U.S. dairy products with the world.

The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) is a non-profit, independent membership organization that represents the global trade interests of U.S. dairy farmers, producers, processors, suppliers, and export traders. Think USA Dairy is USDEC’s international, customer-facing arm, dedicated to promoting U.S. dairy to consumers and business partners.

We’re sharing the benefits and varieties of U.S. dairy products with the world.

Since 2014, Novak Birch has worked with USDEC to unite its member booths under one Think USA Dairy pavilion or exhibit space at 6–8 food and beverage trade shows, conferences, and seminars around the world each year. One of these shows is the world’s largest annual food event—Gulfood—where USDEC needed an exhibit that would stand out in one million square feet of space with over 97,000 visitors and 5,000 other exhibitors/suppliers.

Goals for each show include:

  • Attracting visitors (i.e., purchasing professionals) to the Think USA Dairy pavilion (or exhibit space) with compelling marketing both inside the exhibit hall and in other areas of the venue, such as hallways and conference rooms hosting break-out sessions.
  • Connecting all member booths in the pavilion (ultimately giving each partner a greater presence at the show) while ensuring that each booth retains its own brand identity.
  • Creating a space that informs visitors about U.S. dairy products and generates business deals and networking.

We’re sharing the benefits and varieties of U.S. dairy products with the world.

Novak Birch has supported dozens of Think USA Dairy trade shows and seminars. We designed a system of templates for handouts, signage, and other collateral, which we customize for every show. We also design new member booth graphics and signage, seamlessly incorporating them into the overall booth design while adhering to each member/supplier’s own branding. Our services and deliverables vary by event, but generally include the following:

  • Pre-Show Marketing: We design email header images and event calendar images, promoting the Think USA Dairy space and inviting dairy suppliers to attend events, such as cheese tastings, at trade shows and conferences.
  • Trade Show Booth Graphics & Backdrops: We design graphics for the pavilion/exhibit space using a hero image and weaving the look-and-feel throughout the booth, while also incorporating member signage into designated areas.
  • Event Graphics & Signage: Beyond the trade show floor, in other areas of the venue, we design large-scale backdrops and wayfinding signage for breakout sessions, tasting events, and cooking demonstrations.
  • Print Collateral: We design handouts, brochures, maps, supplier directories, business cards, name tags, meeting sign-up sheets, and more for each show.

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