Getting On Board with Mood Boards

Have you been following along with our mood board series on Facebook and Instagram? It all started with a questionnaire to find out what gets NBers’ creative juices flowing. The results are in, and we got a glimpse into each person’s creative aesthetic, learning about their music interests, favorite patterns, and how they define creativity. Even more important, throughout this process of self-discovery, we’ve discovered ways to better serve our clients.

Using the questionnaire responses, we designed a series of mood boards to visually represent the creative spirit of each of our team members. From kittens and cotton candy to architecture and city murals, the end results revealed a diverse array of thought processes. Check out the full series below:


So, what’s the lesson in these picturesque compilations? We learned that the definition of creativity varies among a creative director, an events manager, an account manager, a designer, and a writer, and that there is a link between our individual roles and our personal definition of creativity. We also learned we’re truly an eclectic team (OK, maybe we knew that already!).

But our most important takeaway was how our diverse capabilities and approaches to creativity allow us to serve our clients in unique ways. Researching, designing, and presenting a family of images and colors lets us capture the spirit of a client’s project in a space that allows them to emotionally connect to the mood board. This connection can lay the foundation for the remainder of the design, if executed correctly.

We love using mood boards to develop and hone our creative vision for a new brand identity, campaign, or exhibit space. Now that you’ve gotten to know us through our mood boards, we’re ready to design yours.

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