How Creatives Define Creativity

So you know that Novak Birch is a full-service marketing and events agency. And you’ve likely seen at least some of our work—from brand identities to integrated outreach campaigns to large-scale trade shows. But do you know our team—the creative marketing experts behind the magic? Over the next couple months, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see mood boards that represent our staff members, giving you a glimpse into each person’s creative aesthetic.

To start, we gave everyone a questionnaire to get their creative juices flowing. In fact, we even asked how they get their creative juices flowing. And we saw it all—from music to collaboration to deadlines. We also asked: What does creativity mean to you?

The answers to the questionnaire got us thinking. (And maybe we’re inspired by the team spirit of the Olympics…but just roll with us for a minute.)

What does creativity mean to a creative director, an events manager, an account manager, a designer, or a writer? How do our team members’ definitions of creativity vary, and how are they similar? Is there a link between our own role/expertise and our personal definition of creativity?

When we took a look at the completed questionnaires, we had a bit of an “a-ha moment.” The responses made it clear that we have an insanely versatile team of creative people here at NB. We knew our staff was talented…but the simple question, “What does creativity mean to you?” made it black-and-white obvious how we all overlap and intersect, how we are opposites and we are the same…and how we complement each other’s talents perfectly.

We loosely grouped our answers by role. Take a look:

It takes a team to create award-winning, high-impact solutions that wow our clients and help them achieve their goals. That’s why, for more than 30 years, Novak Birch’s strategy has included cultivating a team of talented, driven professionals with unique creative perspectives who come together to deliver thoughtful, effective marketing campaigns and experiences.

We love that this strategy shines through in the mood board project. We’re innovative problem-solvers who bring insightful creative visions to the table, with each staff member genuinely strengthening our team as a whole.

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