Looking to Award-Winning Professionals for Design Inspiration

“Your work can be better,” Joseph Duffy, the opening speaker at a recent design conference, said, “and you know it.”

Two of NB’s designers, Sylwia and Megan, journeyed to Texas to attend the Circles Conference: Breaking Boundaries. They had the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of creatives—from strategists to art directors, and everywhere in between.

Sometimes you need a little time away to remember how to reset your creative mindset. (We’ll have more on this soon about creating from a happy place and the importance of time away from the noisy internet.)

Our designers came home with suitcases and minds full of inspiration, which they shared with our staff team over a lunch and learn (with pizza, of course). It might take a few more pizzas just to unpack all the new creative knowledge.

The conference focused on the theme of break through. Creative industries naturally come with their own set of roadblocks as strategy and passion collide. It’s easy to become anchored by fear, clinging to what you know—what’s safe.

The speakers shared some practical design tips, but more importantly, how you can navigate through these struggles. Those who shared their failures, like projects that didn’t meet client expectations, definitely left the biggest impact on the audience.

Of course, first-time Texans, Sylwia and Megan, had to do some sightseeing before the conference started. Checked off the must-do list: Texas barbecue, cowboy boots, and a cattle drive.

Once they arrived at the conference, their notebooks quickly filled with case studies, bits of advice, and much more. We’re going to spend time in the next couple weeks sharing all that they learned about strategy, process, and other helpful insights that apply to both designers and client-facing employees.

Stay tuned for more design inspiration brought home from Circles! Here’s a sneak peek: we’re already sketching more and taking our mood boards to a whole new level.

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