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This interior branding project called for a sophisticated look with a nod to the organization’s Chesapeake roots.

Corporate headquarters don’t have to be stuffy—check out this modern, welcoming office!

The Wills Group operates retail and convenience business locations across the Mid-Atlantic region—all with the goal of making their customers’ lives more convenient. From fuel to fresh food and beverages, and even eco-friendly car washes, the businesses aim to provide quick access to high-quality food, gas, and customer service, leaving customers feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Corporate headquarters don’t have to be stuffy—check out this modern, welcoming office!

The Wills Group sought to update and brand its headquarters to provide an inviting, professional space for employees as well as existing and prospective franchisees, while incorporating elements that convey the breadth and value of the company.

Corporate headquarters don’t have to be stuffy—check out this modern, welcoming office!

“It was a simple decision to work with Novak Birch because we knew they could support the project from the beginning with creative design development all the way through the fabrication and installation process. They delivered a cohesive solution, activating our corporate brand in a way that provides a homage to our heritage and values, in a contemporary and attractive design. The interactive map illustrates our regional reach, which we love to share when we welcome new employees, guests, and community partners. We are very proud and appreciative of the support we received from Novak Birch and look forward to the partnership for many years to come.”

– Julian (Blackie) Wills, Executive Vice President, The Wills Group, Inc.

Corporate headquarters don’t have to be stuffy—check out this modern, welcoming office!

We designed, produced, and delivered a modern office space that aligns with the Wills Group brand while paying homage to its local roots. The new headquarters include the following branded components:

  • Window Film: We designed and applied window film featuring rivers flowing from the Chesapeake Bay, giving the office an authentic sense of place.
  • Conference Room Glass Glazing: We installed a horizontal band of frosted vinyl across each conference room’s glass walls and doors, with a cut-out image of part of the Chesapeake Bay and the conference room name (all Maryland waterways) shown in frosted vinyl.
  • Office Glazing: Each office includes a glass wall with floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a glass door. The glass walls feature a horizontal vinyl band that runs across the panels and door, and the door includes a cut-out in the frosted band with the room number.
  • Magnetic Map: In the elevator lobby on the first floor, we designed, fabricated, and installed an edge-lit, three-panel magnetic map dotted with acrylic brand marks of the Wills Group’s 400+ properties. The panels were finished with a clear, high-gloss dry erase laminate so individual locations could be highlighted. At the top, we included a circular light box featuring the company logo.
  • Values Panels: In a hallway, we installed three printed, acrylic panels that share the Wills Group’s mission, vision, and principles with staff and visitors.
  • Recognition Placards: To recognize the employee and manager of the year, we crafted 2”x3” placards using a wood block header and footer with a sheet of acrylic floating between the two, then wall-mounted them in the employee lounge. The staff names are etched in black on a clear acrylic triangle that’s been painted orange, aligning with the color and shape of the Wills Group logo.
  • Wayfinding: We installed stairwell directories with large floor numbers on each door and incorporated accessibility features, such as black and white acrylic wayfinding signs with braille and dimensional lettering/icons.

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