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ViraWarn Exhibit Booth

When our client asked us to create a dynamic booth that attracts trade show visitors and helps protect public health, we jumped at the opportunity.

Illuminated COVID viruses hanging from the ceiling are no match for ViraWarn! Find out how we created a stand-out booth that promotes healthy indoor spaces.

Opteev Technologies is the joint development of Novak Birch’s client, Novatec Inc., and its sister company, Prophecy Sensorlytics, both leaders in advanced sensor technology. Opteev focuses on advanced biosensor research and development of life-saving technologies.

ViraWarn by Opteev is the first ever plug-in screening device for detecting airborne COVID-19 particles in indoor spaces. This infection prevention technology screens air indoors and immediately alerts occupants when it senses COVID-19 or other spike protein viruses, such as the flu.

As Opteev prepared to debut its ViraWarn product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—the most influential tech event in the world—they enlisted Novak Birch’s help creating a high-impact booth. Their goals were twofold:

  • Raise awareness of ViraWarn and its ability to make indoor settings healthier as the world returns to schools, offices, and other indoor spaces.
  • Generate media coverage at CES.
  • The booth captured 968 leads at CES over three days.
  • ViraWarn has been featured in over 55 news articles, interviews, and segments, including NBC News, FOX News, and FOX Business, leading up to and after CES.

Novak Birch planned, designed, fabricated, installed, and managed a 20’ x 30’ booth that generated buzz among CES attendees and the media. Highlights include:

  • High Visibility: We suspended the truss at the show’s maximum height allowance, so the illuminated overhead ViraWarn logo signage was viewable from every angle of the booth at multiple height-levels, maximizing visibility. Hung amidst the c-shaped pole pocket banners, the moving, illuminated, hanging viruses also captured visitors’ attention.
  • Dynamic Lighting: We programmed the booth lighting transitions to synchronize throughout the booth. The combination of the hanging banners, moving viruses, and the lighting effects created a high-impact experience that demonstrated how ViraWarn products detect viruses in the air.
  • Welcoming Layout: The symmetrical booth design was accessible from all sides, allowing attendees to enter from any direction and have the same experience.
  • Product Demos: We custom-designed and fabricated four demo areas—each of which showcased the three ViraWarn products, displayed marketing videos, and prominently conveyed key messaging and benefits.
  • Meeting Spaces: We custom-built a conference table at the center of the booth, surrounded by custom half-wall counters with LED backlit logos. This allowed for maximum meeting space while keeping the space open and inviting.
  • Thoughtful Storage: We built cabinets into the design of the counters and conference table, eliminating the need for a closed-room storage area.

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