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A little mood boarding went a long way for our creative development of an eye-catching retail toolkit design that grabs the attention of moody travelers.

This toolkit helps airport retailers bring in business while satisfying hangry travelers.

HMSHost is a global restaurateur and leader in travel dining for airports and motorways, with restaurants in over 120 worldwide airports as well as 99 turnpike travel plaza stops in North America. Working with their tagline, “Feeling Good on the Move,” HMSHost wanted to increase sales at their grab & go kiosk locations by creating a “Pick 3” deal to incentivize bundled purchases. With the combo option, HMSHost wants guests to reach their destination feeling happy and satiated, knowing they experienced time well spent in one of their establishments.


This toolkit helps airport retailers bring in business while satisfying hangry travelers.

Novak Birch was tasked with designing a retail signage toolkit, incorporating messaging and branding that unites the items available in the Pick 3 deal that are spread out throughout the existing kiosk space at six pilot locations—each with different layouts. Goals included:

  • Create eye-catching and cohesive signage that drives sales.
  • Point customers to products in the packaged deal.
  • Deliver the message that HMSHost supports health- and wallet-conscious consumers.
  • Enhance the guest experience by offering travelers a fast and convenient way to build a well-balanced meal.

This toolkit helps airport retailers bring in business while satisfying hangry travelers.

To begin the project, we provided HMSHost with three mood boards that matched their request for a fun, quirky, and health-conscious tone. With these standards in mind, we drafted mood boards ranging from streamlined to trendy. After sharing them with the client, we learned that they wanted to incorporate aspects of two boards, including playful and abstract blocks of color and modern fonts.

Using HMSHost’s color palette gave us a wide variety of tones and textures to bring the project to life and allowed us to draw attention to the Pick 3 elements that were available in different combinations. In addition, the designs needed to be flexible to adapt to variously shaped coolers and overall retail space.

Next came the messaging for customers to learn about the deal. To differentiate the products associated with the packaged deal and to help customers more effectively identify items, HMSHost wanted distinct language, separate from their other retail marketing. The tone needed to be friendly, informal, and non-traditional. We brainstormed the phrase, “No one likes a hangry traveler,” and the client clicked with the fun messaging. After two simple rounds of revisions, HMSHost was satisfied.

Last but not least, we built the final signage with specific dimensions for each retail space. We worked with each market to measure their coolers and retail space, and then our in-house shop built, printed, and assembled the signage and vinyl stickers needed.

This toolkit helps airport retailers bring in business while satisfying hangry travelers.

  • The deliverables for the Pick 3 deal included: Entrance signage, shelf-talker, floor decal, cooler floor decal, and snack-specific instruction signage.
  • The campaign was successfully launched in six pilot locations.
  • The client wants to expand the reach of the campaign, potentially rolling out to 40–50 markets.

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