The Heart Behind Milestone Walls

Highlighting the history of a company is fast becoming one of the most popular corporate interior design trends for businesses small and large.

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Is your company considering a redesign of its office interior? Maybe you have a big anniversary celebration coming up, or you’re looking for an interactive way to engage employees and visitors.

At NB, we excel at transforming physical environments into memorable experiences. Creating a branded environment that inspires visitors could be just what your business needs to unify your space and infuse your brand personality.

We have a special place in our hearts for creating milestone or timeline walls, sure, but there are actually a myriad of benefits. So what’s the big deal?

Here’s how milestone walls can add a special touch to your office design:

1. Tell your company’s story.

More than just a line on a wall, effective timelines pull visitors into the story and keep them there.


Your business has a unique story, right? Milestone walls allow you to share your company’s growth and rich history with employees and visitors.

It can also be an important exercise for you and your company to think about how to tell your story. (Don’t worry, we can help you with this!) The best part is that we can get creative with three-dimensional storytelling after we map out the most important chapters of your history.

Our designers and copywriters work together to optimize the power of storytelling, determining the most compelling way to share your history, achievements, and message through visuals and words.

2. Design a welcoming space.

Static or interactive, content rich or minimal, effective timelines use graphic hooks to draw visitors into their stories and, at best, are the appetizer for the exhibit to come.


Environmental design has the power to not only to weave your brand into the look-and-feel of a space but also to engage people and create a memorable experience. Looking for a focal point in your lobby or conference room? A milestone wall can invite and seamlessly lead visitors into your office while adding visual interest.

Milestone walls are a great component to incorporate into your office space to provide a welcoming experience.

3. Dust off those mementos and artifacts.

Most of the time, mementos and artifacts are buried deep in your archives (or shoved away in a forgotten closet). Why let them collect more dust when you can put them on display for everyone to enjoy?

When the Bainum Family Foundation came to us looking for a way to update their office and welcome visitors, we conducted an audit of the 100+ pieces of memorabilia and used them to tell a story through a milestone wall. And this wasn’t just any story…

4. Create a tribute to someone special.

Their founder, Stewart Bainum, had recently passed away, so the foundation wanted a way to inspire staff and visitors by showcasing his legacy every day. By organizing artifacts into phases of Mr. Bainum’s life, we used the wall to tell an inspiring story. With clean lines, white borders, and neutral tones, the design brings Mr. Bainum’s story to life by letting the mixed media and three-dimensional memorabilia shine.

Who is that someone special in your company’s history? A milestone wall is a great way to honor this person and their contributions to your growth and success.

 5. Display your company’s true spirit.

 As we shared above, milestone walls aren’t just a line on a wall. We love how Gensler designed a history timeline for Stryker, a medical device manufacturing company, “celebrating the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking approach.”

This is your chance to get to the heart of your company’s true spirit. How will you tell your story to highlight your company’s heartbeat?

6. Show off your capabilities and impact.

A milestone wall is your chance to shine. Your company’s story isn’t boring—what can you do that no one else can? What impact have you had on your community? What mark have you left on the world?

With a history dating back to 1799, the Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi) story is rich in growth. We designed and built a milestone wall that shares their story with staff and visitors and conveys their impact on the medical community—both locally and nationwide.

This is a great way to highlight your capabilities and impact as soon as visitors walk through your doors.

7. Engage employees and visitors with a timeline that can grow with your company’s story.

The most important benefit of a milestone or timeline wall is its ability to grow and become a living piece of your company’s story.

When Choice Hotels moved to its new corporate headquarters, they wanted an inviting timeline outside of their boardroom to engage staff and visitors. The flexible design allows Choice to continue adding milestones over the years.

Your company’s story isn’t over. Leaving room for the next chapters will create an even more engaging experience as the design develops.

The design of your office sets the tone for your company’s culture. Are you proud of your values and the growth you’ve achieved over the years? Let’s show that off.

The three-dimensionality of milestone walls brings content to life, engaging visitors and employees in an interactive way that gets to the heart of your brand’s story.

Looking for a way to visually display your company’s unique story?

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