This Is Why the Design of Your Office Space Matters

Have you thought about redesigning your office space, but you don’t want to commit to the cost—and, frankly, you aren’t sure if it really matters?

Well, consider this helpful hint: the thoughtful, creative design of an office can help attract and retain employees. And you might even see a dramatic shift in productivity with a space that inspires.

At Novak Birch, we believe in the power of environmental design not only to weave your brand into the look-and-feel of your office space but also to engage people. An eye-catching and welcoming design can have a big (not to mention memorable) impact on employees and visitors.

Still not convinced about the value of a great office design? Let’s dive in deeper.


Here’s what a thoughtful design of your space can do for your business and employees:

1. Help employees feel like part of your team.

Adding interactive elements can freshen up your space and help employees actively engage with your mission and values.

2. Increase collaboration among team members.

Take a cue from trending coworking spaces, like WeWork. Provide flexible, open areas that encourage collaboration and teamwork. If you have employees that mostly telecommute but pop by the office for meetings, these can be great alternatives to traditional “hot desking.”

3. Foster creativity and boost brainstorming sessions.

Adding creative breakout spaces shifts away from the traditional conference room design to create a comfortable, relaxing environment. Provide inspirational spaces for your employees to gather—this enhances office culture and serves as an attractive recruiting tool for new hires.

4. Connect employees and visitors with your brand.

Statement walls help people connect visually and emotionally with your brand.

5. Visually communicate your commitment to innovation and high quality.

You don’t want to just slap your logo on everything, everywhere. Developing a visual theme and color palette can help unify a space while allowing for design tweaks to avoid numbing repetition.

6. Add personality, color, and light to enhance a conference space.

Dressing up a glass conference room wall can add a layer of privacy while still allowing light to shine through. (Because who wants a group of employees or visitors falling asleep in a dark and boring conference room?)

7. Improve employees’ well-being and increase productivity.

What if you incorporated nature and green space into your office design from the very beginning, instead of making it an afterthought (you know, adding that little plant in the corner that everyone forgets to water)? A connection to nature enhances the well-being of your employees, increasing productivity and creativity.

The design of your office space really matters. It’s a game changer for fostering creativity, increasing productivity, attracting top candidates to work for your company…and so much more.

We start all of our environmental design projects by first getting to know our clients. We want to know what makes you tick, how employees and visitors engage with your brand, and what you want to visually communicate with your space.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level through an uplifting and innovative office redesign?

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