How to Refresh Your Exhibit Booth Without a Full Redesign

How do you freshen up an existing exhibit marketing booth design? Better yet, how do you do this when the space includes 10+ partner booths, each of which needs to retain its own brand identity while being connected by one cohesive theme?

Challenge accepted.

For the 50th anniversary of IPW, the world’s leading travel trade show, NB traveled to Denver, Colorado, to represent Great Outdoors USA for the fifth year.

We united a group of individual partner booths under a larger umbrella representing the USA, giving the space a much larger presence in the large exhibit hall. And we enhanced the existing design to give the booths a fresh twist while maintaining the outdoorsy, American look-and-feel that IPW visitors have come to recognize.

Take a look at how we refreshed the booth design without completely overhauling it:

Use Upgraded Details to Reshape the Look-and-Feel

Attract Repeat and New Visitors with an Enhanced Design

Never Underestimate the Power of Teamwork


When we embark on new partnerships, we always take a long-term approach. How can we think strategically to get the most out of your investment? How can we give an existing design a fresh feel and deliver an engaging experience that welcomes visitors? It’s a challenge we’re always ready to take on. 

Looking to partner on a booth design that will continue to engage your audiences and represent your brand year after year?

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Novak Birch

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