Behind the Scenes at the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show

Oh, sure, twist our arms—we’ll hop on a plane to anywhere-you-name to create unforgettable exhibit experiences that help you engage with your target audiences. This time, our team traveled to Denver, Colorado, for the 50th anniversary of IPW, the world’s leading travel trade show, organized by the U.S. Travel Association. It’s NB’s sixth year representing our client, Brand USA, at IPW.

For us, IPW—like many trade shows—is a chance to think strategically and work hard to produce tangible results. We had plenty of boots on the ground to bring this creative dream to life, moving from rendering to real-life creation of an eye-catching 80’ x 50’ exhibit.

Here’s a highlight reel of our latest trade show adventure:

Building the Booth

Delivering an Engaging Experience

Creative Inspiration from Other Booths

Downtime: Taking in the Denver Culture

And that’s a wrap. Until next time, keep adding to your own creative wish list.

When you’re ready to bring those dreams to life and create a high-impact exhibit that will steal the show, don’t be shy.

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Novak Birch

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