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Find out how we transformed tedious geographic data into easily digestible market snapshots that help travel professionals reach their target countries.

These easy-to-read market snapshots are taking the world by storm!

Brand USA is the public-private partnership responsible for promoting the United States as a premier travel destination.

Brand USA’s market guides are booklets that help their partners, prospective partners, and staff reach target markets in specific countries/regions by providing information about each market’s demographics, trends, and travel preferences. Brand USA distributes the printed guides at meetings, conferences, events, and trade shows, and they post them digitally, online.

These easy-to-read market snapshots are taking the world by storm!

Novak Birch was tasked with the following objectives:

  • Develop a new market guide design template that aligns with the look-and-feel of Brand USA’s current branding pieces and adheres to their style guide.
  • Use the template to design and produce 15 guides.

These easy-to-read market snapshots are taking the world by storm!

We designed a template that complements Brand USA’s consumer marketing campaign, Visit The USA, while presenting the market data in an engaging, easy-to-read format with icons and graphics. Then, we used the template to design 15 guides ranging in length from 32-52 pages.

The new market guides:

  • Offer a cohesive, professional appearance that aligns with Brand USA’s identity.
  • Use different colors for each geographic market, enabling easy identification and differentiation at trade shows.
  • Enhance readability and maintain readers’ interest by displaying data in varying ways, such as using icons and infographics rather than only bar graphs.
  • Include photography from the target markets to better illustrate the demographics and details discussed in each guide.

These easy-to-read market snapshots are taking the world by storm!

  • The 15 guides are successfully used at trade shows around the world.
  • Brand USA reports that their representatives consistently praise the market guides, saying how easily digestible the data is and how helpful the guides have been.
  • Our work was recognized by Graphic Design USA, winning a spot in the 2019 American Graphic Design Awards’ Brochures & Collateral category.

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