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Find out how we transformed an industrial exhibit space and generated thousands of leads for our client.

More leads in half the time. Now that’s what we call results.

Novatec, Inc™ is a leading provider of resin handling, drying, conveying, and blending systems for the plastics industry.

More leads in half the time. Now that’s what we call results.

Attended by more than 60,000 professionals from over 100 countries and more than 20,000 companies, the NPE International Plastics Show is the world’s leading plastics trade show and conference. Novatec sought to attract attendees to their exhibit, generate leads, and position the company as an industry leader.

More leads in half the time. Now that’s what we call results.

  • This exhibit generated more leads and inquiries for Novatec than any previous NPE show. In fact, two-and-a-half days into the five-day trade show, Novatec’s booth garnered more leads than their entire NPE2015 exhibit.
  • The glowing displays and larger-than-life crystal ball attracted thousands of visitors to the booth. Once there, the inviting space and personalized attention kept visitors engaged.
  • Novatec’s high-impact exhibit space and unique approach to featuring their equipment and technology garnered industry media coverage during the event.

More leads in half the time. Now that’s what we call results.

To help Novatec stand out among 2,000 suppliers, Novak Birch designed, fabricated, and installed an eye-catching, illuminated 50’ x 140’ booth that soared to 26’ tall at its highest point, maximizing the 182,000 cubic square feet of space. The high-impact booth offered visitors a welcoming, interactive space that showcased the company’s innovative technology, equipment, and approach.

Our solution included:

  • Strategic, High-Impact Layout: After reviewing the floor plan and analyzing potential traffic patterns based on the booth location, we designed the exhibit to maximize the attendee experience through visual impact and functionality. We created a floor plan to seamlessly lead visitors through various zones, highlighting the equipment using signage and interactive touch screens that described Novatec’s state-of-the-art process.
  • Custom Lighting: In the plastics industry, companies typically display similar standard, stainless steel equipment in their exhibit space. To help Novatec stand out, we gave their exhibit a unique look using LED signage, lit pedestals, internally lit equipment, and an overhead, truss-mounted lighting system to spotlight individual pieces of equipment.
  • Featured Equipment: To showcase each section of equipment, we used a combination of lighting, signage, and video. We designed and built lit display pedestals and rotating bases for featured equipment. All of the lit signage had iPads where visitors could learn about the equipment’s features, benefits, and operation. With colorful carpet cut-ins and floor graphics, we segmented the 7,000 square feet of space, offering a seamless transition between the equipment zones.
  • Product Demonstration: Displaying the inner workings of industrial equipment is always a challenge. To help reveal a normally unseen process, our design included a live demonstration using clear glass tubes on a 40’ x 45’ functioning conveying system. The glass LED-lit tubes drew a lot of attention as they showed the product traveling from the conveyer to the hopper. A large video tile wall behind the “genius bar” provided the perfect environment for visitors to ask the engineers questions while watching demonstrations of the equipment and process.
  • App Technology: Novatec featured its groundbreaking application called Prophecy™, where sensors are placed on critical machine parts and are used to predict when and where maintenance is required in order to avoid production delays and to extend equipment life. We prominently featured a custom-designed crystal ball encapsulating a piece of equipment, and the critical areas on the equipment were fitted with icons. The icons were made from acrylic that lit in sequence with the demonstration video shown on a curved monitor above.
  • Videos: Each area included video demonstrations. Some demonstrations consisted of synchronized lighting timed with a video script, while others featured touch screens. For example, we retrofitted one of the two driers with two 64.5” portrait-mounted televisions inside the unit displaying animations of how it functions.

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