How to Design an On-Brand Retail Sign That Draws Attention

Here’s the reality: there are a lot of marketing agencies out there that can design a retail signage display and have it produced at a shop somewhere else.

At Novak Birch, that’s not the case. We have an in-house team that truly does it all, from design to production and everything in between. Let’s take a look at one recent example of how we’ve put this into action.

Recently, our client, HMSHost, needed a retail sign that aligned with the look-and-feel of their “Eat Well. Travel Further.” campaign. (Check it out here.) And they needed it fast.

Sure, many companies could produce a sign quickly (probably with some hefty rush fees), but the extra challenge on this project came when we needed to match the existing laminate that we had already sent out into the world for a previous HMSHost project. So how did we do it?

First, we designed the retail sign (seems simple enough, right?). After the client approved the design, we produced the files for production.

   Then, using the nifty CNC router in our in-house workshop, we cut the high density urethane foam (known as HDU) into the shape of the logo. (You can read all about our recent Lunch & Learn where we showed our designers the in-house capabilities of our CNC machine.) We also used this powerful tool to cut the letters and add the texture of weathered wood.

We cut the white letters from acrylic using our 100-watt laser cutter to make a perfect fit. Then, once the foam was routed, we painted it to match the laminate with a weathered look.

With the acrylic letters glued into place, then came the fun part of adding foliage around the perimeter to truly set this sign apart from other retail signs, drawing the attention of those passing by. Each sign, while similar in construction, is unique and one-of-a-kind.

At Novak Birch, we really are an “all hands on deck” kind of team. This project illuminated just how much we care about teamwork. To deliver two high-quality retail signs to match HMSHost’s existing campaign brand in only five days, we relied on everyone to lend a hand. (A project like this would usually require four weeks!) The quick turnaround was only possible due to every stage of production happening directly on-site at our office, which has a fully equipped workshop—a real one-stop shop.

With our in-house design-build capabilities, we can rise to new creative challenges like this retail sign project for HMSHost. By producing everything in our shop—with a warehouse full of tools and resources—we can quickly deliver innovative designs for clients who are in a pinch.

Our best advice for designing an on-brand retail sign that draws attention? Don’t sacrifice quality when you need something done quickly—especially a branded component. Give us a call and we’ll help you through the whole process of design, production, and installation.

Ready to put our CNC machine to work to create a branded retail sign that stands out?

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