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Banish the disjointed, hodgepodge marketing tactics!
Attract customers with a cohesive, fresh look-and-feel that provides instant brand recognition.

Download the full case study here.

World Duty Free operates nearly 250 stores in more than 30 airports in the USA, including newsstands, convenience stores, bookstores, and retail luxury brand stores.

Download the full case study here.

The newsstands varied in appearance, lacking consistent signage, layouts, and fixtures—both from airport to airport and within each airport. World Duty Free sought a new suite of signage for U.S. newsstands that would:

  • Attract travelers’ attention.
  • Offer a sense of calm in busy airports.
  • Easily adapt to all store areas—from prominent fixtures and overhead banner signs to small shelf strips.

Download the full case study here.

Novak Birch created fresh, new signage, providing a cohesive, consistent look-and-feel within each airport and across airports. Engaging messages such as “Stop. Shop. Carry On.,” “Just a Bite,” and “Great Reads” give the signage a friendly, upbeat tone while enticing travelers to make a purchase. The design attracts travelers to the stores with a warm, inviting color palette, a dynamic font, and colorful, retro-modern imagery.

We conducted a test launch at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, creating signage with the new design and messaging for 13 stores. After the successful launch, Novak Birch created more than 100 signs for airport newsstands across the country, giving World Duty Free a consistent look-and-feel within each airport and across airports.

Download the full case study here.

The engaging signage elevates the World Duty Free brand and increases recognition among busy travelers from airport to airport, positioning the store as travelers’ go-to location for airport newsstand purchases.

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