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Brand USA

Promoting U.S. tourism to the entire world is a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And we’re happy to help!

Download the full case study here.

Brand USA is the public-private partnership responsible for promoting the United States as a premier travel destination. To increase international visitation to the USA, Brand USA attends international travel to recruit partners and engage travel and tourism professionals in their mission.

Download the full case study here.

As Brand USA’s marketing and events partner since 2011, Novak Birch is tasked with creating high-impact exhibit booths that engage attendees and generate partner leads at trade shows across the world, including World Travel Market, IPW, and ITB Berlin.

For each show, our primary goals are:

  • Create a cohesive, interactive booth space that attracts visitors and makes Brand USA stand out among thousands of exhibiting companies—ultimately cultivating networking opportunities and generating leads (i.e., potential partners).
  • Increase Brand USA’s visibility and communicate the many travel destinations and experiences in the USA, enhancing our nation’s image worldwide.

Download the full case study here.

Novak Birch conceived, designed, fabricated, and constructed a modular exhibit booth that can easily accommodate each trade show’s space requirements.

To attract visitors at each show, we:

  • Develop a visitor experience strategy, including the overall booth theme.
  • Evolve the booth design, creating a memorable, authentically American space that showcases the USA and features activities with integrated data capture, such as:
    • Interactive Trivia Game: With oversized screens offering prizes, this high-visibility game quizzes visitors on facts about U.S. destinations.
    • Virtual Reality: With large, custom 3D letters spelling out “USA,” the virtual reality zone gives attendees a chance to experience thrilling U.S. destinations and activities via exclusive excerpts from Brand USA’s IMAX® films, including National Parks Adventure and America’s Musical Journey. To attract visitors, a live feed on overhead screens shows virtual reality participants in action.
    • Live Photo Booth: U.S.-themed props and destination backgrounds offer a perfect photo opportunity and include social media integration. Overhead screens display a live feed, inviting other show attendees to join in the fun.
  • Design a welcoming, versatile environment that offers space for networking and meetings, encouraging visitors to interact, network, and conduct business.
  • Feature videos and signage with vibrant imagery, animation, and messaging promoting U.S. destinations and other current Brand USA programs, such as new IMAX® film trailers.
  • Incorporate Brand USA’s global trade and domestic campaigns, ensuring a unified visitor experience and consistent look-and-feel across all platforms.

With space for networking, conducting business, and having fun, the cohesive exhibit space offers an immersive experience, showcasing Brand USA as a leader in destination marketing and positioning the USA as a dynamic travel destination to travel/tourism professionals, key industry buyers, journalists, digital influencers at trade shows across the globe.

Download the full case study here.

  • Positive Visitor Feedback: Brand USA reports a 440% increase in positive comments on the engaging trade show booth space and visitor experience.
  • Increased Leads: Brand USA secures 500–600 new leads per show.
  • Increased Economic Value: According to a study by Oxford Economics, for every dollar Brand USA spends on marketing, the USA sees a $27.70 return to the economy as a whole (including all operating overhead). The study indicates that Brand USA’s marketing efforts have generated:
    • $4.1 billion in incremental visitor spending to the USA in FY2016. Including indirect and induced impacts, Brand USA generated $8.9 billion in economic activity.
    • Economic activity that sustained 59,463 jobs, earning $2.6 billion in personal income.
    • $615 million in incremental federal taxes—that’s more than four times its budget—and another $552 million in state and local taxes.
    • 1.1 million visits to the USA in FY2016—that’s 1.6% of all visitors to the USA that year.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: Each year, Brand USA is seen by more than 500,000 trade show attendees around the world.

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