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Bureau of Economic Analysis

When a federal agency was hosting a high-profile conference in the United States, they came to us to handle the whole shebang.

Download the full case study here.

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) produces economic accounts statistics that enable government and business decision-makers, researchers, and the American public to understand the performance of the nation’s economy.

Download the full case study here.

BEA sought assistance planning and managing the first-ever United States-hosted International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) General Conference, with the goal of holding a cohesive, professional event.

Download the full case study here.

Novak Birch provided complete, end-to-end event planning and logistical support, including:

  • Research: Conducted research to inform event planning.
  • Branding, Exhibit, Creative, & Website: Hosted in Boston, we took cues from the city’s rich history when designing the event logo, exhibit, signage, and website, resulting in a unified look-and-feel. The website provided event information and allowed guests to register, sign up for activities, and submit fees.
  • Event Logistics & On-Site Management: We provided all logistical support and management, including vendor selection and management, negotiation of guest accommodations, amenities, and budget management.
  • Sponsor Recruitment: We reached out to businesses via conference-branded direct mail, email, and print communications.
  • Social Media & On-Site Support: We integrated social media into activities and provided on-site support.

Download the full case study here.

We provided a cohesive, branded family of event materials that positioned BEA as the preeminent producer of economic accounts. The event received positive feedback from both BEA stakeholders and event attendees for its:

  • Cohesive creative solutions, resonant with the event location.
  • Streamlined processes, including seamless registration and up-to-date information.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly website and flexible framework, which can be repurposed for other events.

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